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This exhibition features over 50 handwritten letters and postcards dating from 1869 to 2000.  Some of the artists featured include:

  • Frederick Church’s homesick letter from France to his sister Fanny in 1869
  • Mary Cassatt’s letter in which she justifies her dislike of the jury system for exhibitions
  • A gossipy letter to her family from Grandma Moses
  • A letter from Grant Wood in 1930 where he excitedly tells a friend that he got two of his paintings into the American show (including his now famous “American Gothic”

And many more…

A full transcription of each letter is available to visitors.






Book Maker's Art


This exhibition highlights the long running series of art books published by the TAMU Press.  The Frank H. Wardlaw Art Collection was developed alongside the publishing of these books when each featured artist donated a painting to the collection.  Visitors to the exhibition can see the original painting and thumb through the book it was published in.  An exhibition catalog is also available.