The Seduction of Scent: Bottling Memory & Magic with Selections from the Bill and Irma Runyon Art Collection

Sept. 6–Dec. 15, 2019

Forsyth Galleries | Memorial Student Center, MSC 2428

During the Victorian period, the ever-growing range of luxury glass items reflected the increasing prosperity of the population. Decorative glass bottles used to contain perfume and perfumed products became popular purchases that could be found on the dressing tables of working class apartments and multi-storied mansions alike. Rich cut glass perfumes and brilliantly colored blown colognes created at this time illustrate the ornate styles desired by the Victorian consumer. A wide range of sizes, from small lay-down pungents to larger carved colognes, were made by an ever-increasing number of glasshouses in America and in Europe. The Seduction of Scent examines the vessels that were used to proudly display and store perfumes, the range of exotic scents that were popularized during the period and explores how changes in culture and technology impacted who purchased these petite treasures.