2019 Current Forsyth Exhibitions and Events


Color blocks of sections of glass from the TAMU collections; glimpses of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black glass are stacked in a 2 by 3 grid

Spectrum: The Runyon Collection in Color

June 15–Sept. 1, 2019

Glass was once sand and color once mineral or chemical. Heat and skill once guided the hands of those who created the decorative glass housed in the Runyon Collection.

Forsyth Galleries | Memorial Student Center, MSC 2428


Numerous figures gathered along the shoreline and in the shallow surf of the beach. Children playing in the foreground in the water.  Shore on the left, ocean on the right.  Large buildings in the distance in the upper left background.

Fluid Dynamics: Water Imagery from the Bill and Irma Runyon Art Collection

June 19–Aug. 25, 2019

Fluid Dynamics explores man’s fascination with water and how it is used by artists as symbols, compositional devices, and even to alter the mood of an artwork.

Forsyth Galleries | Memorial Student Center, MSC 2428