The Self-Guided Sculpture Walking Tour Brochure is available at the front desk of the J. Wayne Stark Galleries and the Forsyth Galleries. View the map below to see locations of campus sculptures.

  1. Twelfth Man
  2. Tri-Nimbus Chrysallis
  3. James Earl Rudder
  4. Silver Taps
  5. Muster
  6. Lawrence Sullivan Ross
  7. Shaping the Future
  8. The Graduate
  9. Menos
  10. The Roughneck
  11. Arch 406
  12. In Between The Lines
  13. Bonfire Memorials
  14. The Gates of Learning
  15. Exploration in Space
  16. Danger 79er
  17. Freedom from Terrorism Memorial
  18. Centennial Eagle
  19. Pinky Wilson
  20. The Spirit of the Bonfire
  21. J. D. Crow
  22. The Day the Wall Came Down: A Monument to Freedom
  23. Robert J. Kleberg
  24. Rapport
  25. The Corps Values of Texas A&M
  26. Corps and Aggie Band Memorial (Corps)
  27. Aggie War Hymn
  28. Texas A&M Yell Leader
  29. The 12th man
  30. Adagio
  31. Memory Cloud
  32. Corps and Aggie Band Memorial (Band)

The university is seeking to establish a maintenance fund to better care for its sculpture collection. Contact us if you would like to donate to the sculpture fund!

For more information on how you can support this program, contact the Texas A&M University Art Galleries: 979.845.8501